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7 Of The Best Flooring Tools For Your Toolkit

best flooring tools

Let’s take a look at our list of 7 best flooring tools that are a must for your professional flooring toolkit. These essentials take flooring projects to another level when it comes to usefulness and efficiency.

1. Carpet Stretchers

Remember, you only have two arms and two legs and no matter how hard you try to get that carpet smooth and stretched, at a certain point you’ll be stretching a muscle before properly stretching the carpet. Here is why you need a good carpet stretcher for your professional carpet laying jobs.

When the carpet is stretched properly with a good carpet stretcher, you are able to guarantee that 10 years of wrinkle-free carpeting. Hence we include carpet stretchers in our best flooring tools list here.

If you’re dealing with an old lumpy and stubborn carpet, it’s a non-issue easy job if your stretcher is equipped with good claws that let it grab the old carpet firmly.

A carpet may look wonderful, but if the edges are not trimmed correctly to fit your room’s measurements, then you likely already know that it ends up looking a bit sloppy, leaving much to be desired.

Working with a knee kicker can be exhausting and after years of kicking the stretcher it will take a toll on your knees. To invest in a carpet stretcher that doesn’t need to be kicked to do its job will pay off in the long term. And your knees will thank you too!

KEVMOR’S TOP CHOICE: The Crain 514 Bulldog Stretcher

Crain 514 Mini Stretcher
Crain 514 Mini Stretcher

This small but powerful carpet stretcher is not only handy to carry and lightweight, but it’s extremely powerful, it has a strong grip and to add another worthy feature, the Crain 514 Bulldog carpet stretcher offers stretching without tubes.

If you’re working on an old carpet, then this powerful stretcher will help you restore old lumpy carpets in no time! It comes with seam repair attachment and stretch lock which is a huge help for matching patterns. With free delivery inside Australia and an affordable price on our web page, you can start stretching carpets with this helpful friend in just a few days.

If you prefer to view and feel it out in person before purchasing, come visit our Kevmor trade shop Monday through Friday. Our experts are always ready to help you.

2. Floor Removal Machines

Before you can lay your beautiful carpet, often times you have to get through an old tile floor first. A professional floor removal machine makes this just as easy as using a carpet stretcher for that perfect lay job. If the tool is right, half of the job is done already. A powered floor removal tool makes this job easy, and fun! Whether machine or manual, floor scrapers are a must in a best flooring tools kit.

If you’re removing the floor in a large hall or anything bigger than a small bathroom, then it’s highly recommended to have a ride-on floor scraper with a good overview of the work area in front of you. That’s why we recommend the Janser Junior Ride-On Floor Stripper.

KEVMOR’S TOP CHOICE: Janser Junior Ride-On Floor Stripper

Sit and get ready for the ride of your work time! With this floor removal tool you get rid of old tile floors quickly and easily. It’s the only small machine in the industry which promotes use on all floor covering types. It does a great job in tight areas, like corners, because of its tapered front-end design.

This compact version of the full size floor scraper from Janser is extremely powerful and with its quiet operation, pleasant to others around you. This item is on sale at the moment so you can save today by ordering our website!

3. Wagner Moisture Meters

Wagner Moisture Meter Kit C555 For Concrete
Wagner C555 Concrete Moisture Meter Kit

Preparation is the key. If a house is built on a sand it won’t stand, it needs to have solid ground to stand upon. That is why it’s so important to have your workplace conditions right before you start working on your flooring project. When it comes to flooring, the moisture content is the most important factor that affects the quality of your floor installation.

Whether it’s wooden flooring or concrete, the award winning Wagner Moisture Meters help you have extremely accurate moisture measurements with ease, saving you a lot of trouble.

Why A Moisture Meter On A Best Flooring Tools List?

Thanks to today’s technology we can now accurately measure moisture in concrete so that your flooring won’t suffer the consequences of humidity later on. Moisture meters capture relative humidity (RH) levels, giving you precise readings. Something necessary for making wise decisions for your flooring project. This is why we include moisture meters in our best flooring tools for your toolkit list.


The NEW Wagner Rapid RH L6 Kit
The NEW Wagner Rapid RH L6 Kit

How Relative Humidity Works

Relative humidity (RH) refers to the air’s ability to absorb water. It can increase or decrease according to the temperature. The hotter it gets, the more water the air can absorb. Moisture meters detect this RH. Because humidity affects wood, concrete etc. it’s important to have an accurate moisture measurement tool when laying your floor.

It’s not enough to measure moisture on the surface and that is why the measurement tool of our choice provides you with a precise moisture meter reading that goes under the surface and gives you a detailed look of what is “under the shell”.

What makes the Rapid RH L6 so good?

  • Accuracy & Speed

The test results are available in 24 hours. Other moisture meters’ mandatory wait time is 72 hours at best. We know that time is money. If you can save 2 days of waiting time, you can save money. Because of how it measures moisture beneath your concrete slab instead of measuring from the surface, the Rapid RH L6 will give you a reliable reading that you can count on, and within an excellent timeframe.

  • Improved Responsiveness

Rapid RH L6 concrete moisture measuring system features advanced technology that provides relative humidity readings with unparalleled accuracy, even into the 90-100% humidity range. It’s an easy to use system that uses a smartphone app to let you collect, transfer, store and report concrete moisture readings with an added tamper-resistant technology. This added benefit ensures data integrity from collection to distribution.

4. Janser Air Ionizers

Janser Air Ionizer IonBox 1000
Janser Air Ionizer IonBox 1000

If you’re working the whole day in a dusty environment laying floors, you would probably like to catch some breath. Your lungs will be thankful if you spare them by using air ionizers.

When working close to the floor chances are you will breathe in harmful dust particles daily, but the good news is that it can be prevented. Recent information about silica dust makes air ionizers now an essential tool for our best flooring tools list.

  • How air ionizers work:

Ions are the particles that attach to oxygen in the air to create a negative charge. An air ionizer cleans the air by sending molecular particles in the room, basically forcing dust to the ground, sucking in dust and dirt and sending out clean and breathable air.

  • How air ionizers are used for flooring:

Because dust is heavier than the air it ends up on the floor. But when working close to the floor, moving around and slamming out the tiles, dust will lift up and get into your lungs which is harmful. You can reduce the dust in the air by 95% with a good air ionizer.

KEVMOR’S CHOICE: Janser IonBox 1000

This amazing air ionizer will electronically charge the air in the room and force the dust particles and other contaminants to the floor, cleaning the air through Ionization technology.

It’s one of the newest products in the flooring industry and it can cover areas up to 1000m3.

5. Knee Pads For Flooring

No best flooring tools list is complete without kneepads. When you spend a lot of time on your knees, you start to realize the importance and the quality of the knee-pads you’re using. Flooring knee pads are a protective measure to keep your knees healthy and to prevent injury.

There are many different knee pads on the market today and you can choose from what fits your knee the most. From gel to foam padding, knee-walking or rolling on the floor, Kevmor has some of the best flooring knee-pads you will find in Australia. Order online today or visit the shop to try on first and ask questions.

KEVMOR’S CHOICE: Alpro Medical Knee Pads (Available exclusively at Kevmor)

Developed with health & safety in mind, these Alpro Medical Knee Pads will leave you singing instead of screaming while working on your flooring project.

Ergonomic design and durable waterproof foam help support your whole knee, offering you enhanced comfort when moving around on your knees.

These pads are exclusively available in Australia at Kevmor. Alpro Flooring Knee Pads are made out of polyurethane and one of their best features/benefits is that they help prevent tendon and cartilage damage.

6. Push Groover

As a flooring professional, you likely already know the importance of a quality push groover. An ideal push groover will be both easy to take around with you, and it should not sacrifice any cutting abilities for this added ease of transport. Many push groovers on the market are heavy and not easily transportable.

Push groovers are an essential tool for your flooring business. Making straight cuts or cutting full circles, grooving tools must be reliable and accurate. Below we’ve picked out one of our favorite push groovers to help you make an easier decision.

KEVMOR’S TOP CHOICE: Master Turbo Groover

With the Turbo Master Groover you’re able to cut sharp and fast grooves in 4 different sizes. The best part is that you need no electricity. You won’t be dragging the power cord behind you. And it’s a quiet running tool.

  • It comes with 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm blades
  • Made in USA
  • Easy to carry
  • No noise, no smoke, no dust

Here’s a short video so you can see how effortless and clean this Turbo Master Groover is:

7. DIY Flooring Tools

From tapping blocks to DIY Tile Laying Kits, no best flooring tools for your toolkit list is complete without a pro DIY tool. This is the cherry on top for every flooring master. These are a perfect way to personalize your flooring toolkits.

Here are some of the most used DIY flooring tools that we recommend when it comes to DIY tools:

  • 14-in-1 Multi Tool “The Hammer” Sheffield

You can’t go wrong with having The Hammer multi tool in your bag. This Sheffield multi tool has 14 features in one small compact casing; a razor sharp knife, linesman pliers among 12 others. Learn more about The Hammer:

  • The Bullet Tools Pro-length Tapping Block

This tapping block is made out of high-density polyethylene, so it will last you a long time. It has an ergonomic “ball” handle for great grip and control, and it will help you with closing gaps between longer flooring planks.

  • Grab Carpet Care Kit – Small

So you’ve just installed a brand new carpet and got your hands on a cup of hot coffee at the same time. One thing leads to another and you spill some on your carpet. For this exact reason, it’s always handy to have a Carpet Care Kit with you. This specific one chosen comes with a handy “Coffee breaker” that fights hard-to-clean coffee stains.

You’ve made it through our blog and you now know what you shouldn’t miss when going to your next floor laying project.

Summary: The 7 Best Flooring Tools That Make Your Work Easier & Toolkits Better

To recap our best flooring tools list, a good moisture meter is essential to lay a good foundation for your job. If you’re laying carpet, make sure to bring a carpet stretcher to avoid leaving wrinkles behind. And for your cuts, make sure to grab a turbo master groover to make the job that much easier. If you’ve got a tough, old tile floor to remove, a professional floor removal machine is essential.

And lastly, it is wise to protect your lungs with an air ionizer, and we recommend the Janser Air Purifier. And, to protect your knees with a professional set of knee pads for flooring such as those by Alpro. And lastly, you already likely have your go-to DIY flooring tools, and we give our top options.

Thank you for coming by the Kevmor Trade Supplies blog.

Please stop by our store or get in touch via our contact form for questions related to these products or any others. Our tool experts are always on-call and ready to help.

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